Implementation of SAP Bank Analyzer Smart AFI
for customer's retail portfolio

Project Goal

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  • The growing necessity for flexible data provisioning and single transaction presentation in the accounting system required our customer to replace the previous interface to the general ledger. 
  • The new interface replaced the old sub-ledger aggregation interface with the SAP Subledger of SAP Bank Analyzer Smart AFI solution. All major upstream systems should now deliver data via this interface. 

As-Is Situation

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  • Due to the initial situation, data for the financial area was only made available in a very aggregated form. Consequently, it was not possible to present individual transaction data from GL or reporting without adding the data from the previous system. 
  • This resulted in a high effort in reconciliation and with regard to the corresponding resources. As a result, the reconciliation itself was also very difficult due to the different aggregation levels and cost a lot of time.


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  • The data volume of the retail area of our customer was very large. As a result, it was important to find a solution that could deliver the performance required to forward data to GL and reporting within the specified SLAs.
  • Furthermore, it had to be considered that the data structures of each source system were different - even if they were routed through a centralized data hub. Harmonization with the target data model of the SAP subledger was therefore necessary on a pre-system basis.


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  • In the first step, the individual data deliveries and their structures from the respective source systems were analyzed and a design was set up.
  • The data integration was carried out with the technology of SAP HANA SDI in which the harmonization to the SAP Bank Analyzer Smart AFI data model took place.
  • In order to be able to reconcile the data properly and on time, a uniform and central reconciliation tool with SAP HANA Calculation Views was implemented. In the final step, the data was integrated with the existing SAP ERP GL system.

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