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Financial accounting in financial institutions is in a transition. Not only international, but also national accounting standards are undergoing evolutionary developments in the wake of IFRS 9, which cannot be implemented without modern IT systems. The demands on IT are reaching new heights. Current and expected future changes in the requirements for item valuation, accounting rules and their disclosure in the balance sheet and balance sheet notes can practically only be achieved by integrating the sub-ledger and general ledger.

SAP S/4HANA for Financial Products Subledger provides you with the foundation for the successful renewal of your financial accounting. conbateX supports you in solution design and implementation of S/4HANA FPSL - from data integration to Subledger/General Ledger posting rules to reporting.

Our practical experience with the implementation of various international accounting standards (Swiss GAAP, HGB, IFRS) based on SAP systems allows us to ensure that your S/4HANA implementation will be successful. 

Contact Person

Martin Prost ist your contact person for national and international accounting.


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Controlling poses a special challenge for financial service providers. While traditional financial accounting solutions usually provide integrated controlling functionalities at general ledger level, these have always been insufficient for financial institutions. Traditionally, this challenge was solved by implementing BI systems in which data was collected, analyzed and prepared at the sub-ledger level. In addition to possible inconsistencies in results at the reporting level, this approach was associated with high TCOs due to high reconciliation efforts, redundancies in data storage, and complex integrations between diverse systems.  

The current SAP solutions for financial service providers open up new approaches to integrating financial controlling and accounting. The Financial Service and Data Platform (FSDP) provides the basis for mapping all details of single-transaction-based financial transaction data. The full data integration of S/4HANA Financial Products Subledger (FPSL), as a central sub-ledger for accounting, ensures the necessary granularity of financial data for controlling processes. This in turn makes it possible, for example, on the basis of Profitability and Performance Management (PaPM), to provide high-performance functionalities for the development of controlling applications at a granular level - from pure revenue splitting, through transfer pricing and assessment at the individual item level, to contribution margin calculations.

As a certified SAP-partner we are looking forward to help you implementing these applications.

Contact Person

Sebastian Wagner is your contact person for bank controlling.

Risk Management

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The analysis, evaluation and controlling of each specific business risk of a financial institute is one of the essential, analytical core activities for the proactive management of the strategic and operative business approach. Next to the required, external regulatory reporting for credit risks concerning the calculation of own fund requirements, risk diversification or collateral allocation, the disclosure of liquidity risks with key figures NSFR and LCR as well as market price and interest rate risks with a dynamic Asset-Liability-Management is key for decision makers in financial institutions. 

Due to the need for increasingly faster reporting, integrative data storage of financial and risk information on a uniform data platform has become indispensable. SAP FSDP, the Financial Services Data Platform, offers the possibility of centralized data storage for operational and analytical data and makes this data available for evaluation of the respective form of risk in further applications. Enriched with the data from the central sub-ledger for accounting S/4 HANA FPSL, the data can be supplemented with the necessary information and reported. It is also possible to transfer the data to third-party systems, such as tools specialized in asset liability management.

conbateX is known as an experienced partner in the area of IT-transformations for risk management.  We have design and implemented solutions at several financial institutions and can serve you with the in-depth knowledge in this area.

Contact Persons

Sebastian Wagner ist your contact person for risk management.

Regulatory Reporting

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Regulatory requirements and reporting obligations are placing ever greater demands on the analytical systems of financial institutions. At the same time, they basically represent only a different, but obligatory, view of the same issues that already have to be evaluated internally. In addition, the supervising institutions are attaching more and more importance to reports that are consistent across topics and can be reconciled in detail.

To avoid costly reconciliation procedures, external reporting processes should essentially use the same data basis, analysis processes and methods that underlie internal procedures.

More detailed reporting results can be realized more easily, if the financial accounting is already using a centralized subledger which is fully integrated into the general ledger and forms the basis of the regulatory reports. Based on the financial accounting results, we can support you on achieving the necessary data granularities as well as providing all required reporting dimensions for the internal and external regulatory reporting.

Contact Person

Pasquale Scoca is your contact person for regulatory reporting.

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