Implementation of centralized SAP accounting subledger for the entire product portfolio

Project Goal

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  • Initially, the project aimed to implement a subledger to deal with a certain legal requirement in which the 2 different companies underneath of the same holding structure can legally provide loans for customer servicing.
  • Based on the original IT implementation of an isle-based SAP solution for the mentioned project goal, also due to a successful and fast implementation, it has turned out that the customer wanted to enhance the used SAP Bank Analyzer Smart AFI to be the centralized accounting subledger engine including the implementation of IFRS 9 requirements related to impairment.

As-Is Situation

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  • The diverse source systems have been used to perform the decentralized functionality of an accounting relevant subledger, integrated into the General Ledger.
  • Hence, also a bigger cost sensitivity increased due to missing decentralization of necessary accounting functions, which would have been impacted the work load on the core banking capacities of this fast-growing FinTech.


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  • Data Harmonization and speed of that agile-driven customer was one success factor and at the same time challenge of this situation. 
  • Hence, the biggest challenge of the transformation was that the data intakes had to be analyzed carefully and taken over to the unified data model of SAP Bank Analyzer Smart AFI including the mass data and performance analysis for further processing. 


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  • The current existing interfaces to the 3rd party general ledger have been disabled. 
  • Therefore the complete accounting subledger functionality has moved towards the centralized SAP Bank Analyzer Smart AFI solution. 
  • In the next step, also the 3rd part General Ledger has been replaced with SAP S/4.
  • The risk provisioning calculation has been moved into the HANA stack and is serving as an input of the accounting postings into the standard SAP Bank Analyzer Smart AFI processes.

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